Sleeker look for new Sportage

It’s not going to show anyone what the car really looks like until next month, but Kia has released “official teaser images” of the 2022 version of its best-selling Sportage compact SUV.

Like other manufacturers who indulge in the now-customary game of providing visual hints of what forthcoming models might look like, Kia provides diagrammatic images against a dark background.

However, unlike some other carmakers who provide only images of lit daylight running lights or headlights or a darkened grille, Kia’s “teasers” give a reasonably clear indication of the car’s profile.

It looks sleeker than the current fourth-generation model, with a more steely-sloping reverse wedge silhouette that’s quite unlike its predecessor’s.

There are contrasting vertical accents at the front that call to mind Mitsubishi’s lavish frontal ornamentation, and the roofline ends with downward-sloping and upward-sloping styling lines that almost meet at the tailgate.

Pronounced shoulder lines above the rear wheels merge into a more angular rear end.

Mechanically, there will be what Kia labels “responsive yet highly efficient powertrains” though whether the choices will include electrified or fully electric versions isn’t mentioned.

However, there is mention of Kia’s “recent company rebrand that aims to create sustainable mobility solutions for customers…”

Kia says the new Sportage’s front “creates an instant and thought-provoking statement”, whatever that means. More specifically, it says there will be with “a detailed-orientated black grille graphic spanning the width of the face”.

How about inside the cabin? Kia talks of “a driver-orientated space that plays with boldness in character, softness in qualities and innovation in technology.”

Kia says it’ll tell more in coming weeks.

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