Budget paves the way for automotive recovery

AADA chief executive James Voortman

The Australian Automotive Dealers Association (AADA) is welcoming the Federal budget’s commitment to securing Australia’s economic recovery.
“Today’s Budget has confirmed a stunning economic recovery for Australia and many of the measures announced will put the automotive industry in a good position to invest in Australia and employ Australians,” AADA chief executive James Voortman says.
“This budget builds on the many measures put in place over the past 12 months which have encouraged business to take the lead in Australia’s economic recovery.
“Prior to the pandemic the automotive industry had experienced a sustained period of falling sales and recession-like conditions, but we have since been able to get back on our feet and dealers across Australia are grateful to the government for empowering business.
“The extension of the full expensing measure until 30 June 2023 will come as welcome news for many in our industry. This will give businesses including Australia’s more than 3000 dealerships the confidence to invest.
“The significant tax relief provided to many middle- and lower-income Australians is welcome news and will no doubt instil consumers with the confidence to spend.
“Our industry like many others is experiencing a shortage of skilled staff and the extension of apprenticeship support and JobTrainer will go some way to help us to address those shortages,” Voortman says.

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