Interview With Hthree Custom Garage, Indonesia

In our latest interview series we have got a chance to talk with Indonesia based Hthree Custom Garage’s owner Hendra Harahap. Hthree Custom Garage is specialised in building custom hot rod, bikes, car interiors, caravan, painting and clothing merch. 

We have interviewed him and here is the questionnaire: 

1. Which is the first bike you purchased from your own money?

Answer: I purchased a Garuda motor made in Indonesia.

2. When did you realised that you wanted to be a bike designer?

Answer: I always have passion for riding bikes but I started bike designing during my college days.

3. Which is your dream bike?

Answer: Harley Davidson is love. My is dream bike is a Harley Davidson Chopper. 

4. How many bikes you have build till now?

Answer: At our shop we have build 25 bikes. 

5. What’s your point of view of Electric Bikes? 

Answer: They will be the future of bikes. No Pollution and just safe riding. 

6. Who are others people who inspired you for your work?  

Answer: Jassey James

7. Whats your new project?

Answer: Currently we are working on new hotrod and a custom bike project. 

HThree Custom Garage Contact Details

You can contact them through their instagram handle :

Some of the HThree Custom Garage Works

Hthree Custom Garage car sofa
Car Seat Sofa Made by Hthree Custom Garage

Hot Rod by Hthree Custom Garage
Hot Rod by Hthree Custom Garage

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